Futura & Os Gêmeos

This 80-foot mural combines two generations of graffiti and street art history — the twin brothers Os Gêmeos from São Paulo and New York City’s graffiti legend Futura.  A key figure in the emergence of the graffiti movement, Futura began tagging his name on NYC’s streets and subway cars during the early 1970s.  Images reproduced in Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper’s iconic book “Subway Art” introduced Futura and the work of other local writers to other artists around the world. As teens in the 1980s inspired by the graffiti and hip hop culture that exploded out of NYC, Os Gêmeos began working towards a graffiti and street art style that would be unique to São Paulo.

Os Gêmeos’ signature, bright yellow “Gigante” stands 7-stories tall wearing his clothing fashioned by the lyrical style of Futura’s can.  A pair of shorts made out of the world’s flags —with the colors of each slightly altered from its original— celebrates this international exchange of creative ideas and the larger global art community.

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