24hrs in NYC:

Chelsea • Lower East Side • SoHo • Bushwick • Williamsburg
On view Spring 2014


The Street Museum of Art (SMoA) is back in NYC and teaming up with 18 local artists for the newest public street art exhibition.  CB23, Cernesto, Clint Mario, Clown Soldier, Edapt, EKG, El Sol25, Enzo & Nio, FoxxFace, Jilly Ballistic, Mori, QRST, Rubin, Shin Shin, Sines, Wing and Wizard Skull hit the city’s streets in the first artist-run, public exhibition of its kind, challenging the current model for “public” art museums by collectively working outside conventional exhibition spaces. There’s no way of knowing how long each piece will last in the wild — but for 24hrs in NYC 18 local artists turned the city into their own public art museum through the guerrilla tactics of street art and graffiti culture.
As The Street Museum of Art returns to NYC for our 5th exhibition, we’re doing things a little differently this time around by putting the artists in charge.  Presented with only a deadline and one rule to keep the details of the exhibition a secret until the launch date, the artists acted as their own curators — taking the concept of the museum and letting it run wild in the streets. Any piece pasted within the 5 boroughs, any local artist — 24hrs in NYC became citywide public art experiment grounded on the artists’ reclamation of public space. Rather than having the exhibition entirely in one person’s hands, 24hrs in NYC is a collection of work chosen amongst the local community of artists.  As each artist joined the project, it then became their turn to select the next artist they wanted to see involved —and so forth and so on — creating a public street art exhibition founded on the collaboration amongst like minded people working outside of the traditional art world in NYC.


••24hrs in NYC

CB23  •  Cernesto  •  Clint Mario  •   Clown Soldier  •   Edapt 
El Sol25  •   Enzo & Nio  •  Foxxface  •  Jilly Ballistic
Mori  •  QRST  •  Rubin  •  Shin Shin  •  Sines  •  Wing  • Wizardskull

El Sol25