The Street Museum of Art Re-Evaluates  the Current Model for Exhibiting Street Art

Help The Street Museum of Art build our online collection with the art you find!

1. Find a work of street art around your city to add to the museum’s collection
2. Using a permanent marker, write a personal description on this label and paste it publicly alongside the work
3. Send us a photo of the street art piece, a detail shot of your label and information on its location to


The Street Museum of Art (SMoA) is a public art project aimed to challenge previous methods of exhibiting street art.  As the rest of the art world begins to accept this urban medium, it only becomes more apparent that street art inevitably resists containment.  The question then should not be how can this inherently public art medium be modified or replicated in order to fit within the confines of a museum, but rather how can the current model for contemporary art museums be re-examined to conform with the energy of street art?

The Street Museum of Art is now calling for you to take part in this action by helping to create the first truly public art museum.  The blank, self-adhesive label provided here is ready to be filled out with a personal description and posted around your city.  All photos submitted of the found works of art with their labels will be added to SMoA’s online collection, documenting the progress of this project.

Go out, explore and let us know what you find!

Join us now! To contribute to the online collection, submit a photo of the work with a detail shot of the label and information on its location to

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